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Zayn Malik sings “Night Changes” by One Direction. In a new video, they sing a cappella.

On August 15, Zayn Malik, who is 29 years old, created a truly nostalgic moment. The talented singer posted a black-and-white video of himself sitting down and singing an a capella snippet of the 2014 One Direction song “Night Changes.” His fans were ecstatic about it. His arm tattoos were easy to see as he crooned the song in overalls with his long hair pulled back with a bandana. Zayn Malik voice was deep and strong. Follow Stoptechy for learn latest news.

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Even though he didn’t add a caption, Zayn’s fans were quick to send him excited messages after seeing the video. One fan wrote, “OMG my ears are blessed,” while another said they were “crying.” A third said, “I’m singing along with you,” and a fourth asked if there was a secret meaning to the song choice.

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Zayn’s new video comes more than seven years after he left One Direction. He had been in the band since 2010, when they were put together on the British version of The X Factor. He then went on to start a solo career. As of 2022, he has put out three solo studio albums. Since his first album as a solo artist, he has also worked with other artists.

When Zayn isn’t getting noticed for his music, it’s because of how he looks. Over the years, the hot guy with dark hair has shown off different shades of hair colour. Just last month, he made headlines when he dyed his hair pink. He posted a close-up photo of himself on Instagram to show off his new look. His followers called it “gorgeous” and said it made him “the prettiest boy on Earth.”

Zayn is a great artist who loves to make art whenever he can, including graffiti art. He also loves music and trying out new hair colours. In late July, he posted a video of himself spray painting a design on a wall and talked about his creative project with the glasses company Arnette. His Zayn X Arnette collection has prescription glasses and sunglasses with a retro look that he helped design.



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