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Zac Stacy Assault Video, Zac Stacy Beating His Ex-Girlfriend Full Video Caught On CCTV

Zac Stacy, a former NFL running back, got a lot of backlashes online after he made fun of his ex-girlfriend. People saw the 30-year-old hit head and then push on against the TV. His five-month-old babysat a few feet away while the terrible thing happened. Paparazzi and the media outlet TMZ say that the fight occurred at the home of Stacy’s ex-girlfriend in Florida. Zac Stacy Assault Video is said to have hit his ex-girlfriend after a heated argument. The video shows the ex-football player swinging at her head and pulling her off the couch.

Zac Stacy Assault Video

Zac Stacy is an American football player who used to play in the National Football League. He is now retired (NFL). They picked up by the St. Louis Rams in the 2013 NFL draft. He played for a few years in the league before announcing his retirement. After he retired from the NFL, he went back to playing football, but the clubs played in were short-lived, and he got hurt badly. Even though he hasn’t played football in a long time, he is still well-known, but not in a good way. His new video of him hitting his wife in front of their kids has gone viral.

Zac Stacy’s girlfriend and wife

The woman and her child have asked for a restraining order, but the police have not yet confirmed this. TMZ says that the woman called the police after the incident, but Stacy ran away before the police could get there. Stacy’s ex-girlfriend says she taken to the hospital with bruises and possible head injuries. TMZ tried to get in touch with Stacy and his lawyer but had not heard back by the time the story came out on Wednesday. Stacy played in the NFL from 2013 until 2015. After two years with the St. Louis Rams, the player from Vanderbilt played for the New York Jets in 2015.

Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, and Net Worth of Zac Stacy

She says he got angry and violent. “He hit me in the head more than once!” “The baby was on the couch a few feet away from where he hit me, so I begged him to stop,” the woman wrote in her application for a restraining order. She then said. “Then he picked me up and threw me in front of my TV,” she said. As the TV started to fall, he turned to ensure I wasn’t getting up. While I was lying on the floor, he started yelling at me and said I was being loud. Then he picked me up off the floor, pushed me toward our son’s bouncy seat with my feet, and slammed me into it.” According to Stacy’s ex, the RB told their baby child, “I love you.” In the restraining order, the woman says, “I fear for my life.”

Zac Stacy has not found yet, so the answer is no. The former football player has not caught yet, and it is thought that he is still on the run. Zac ran away after the fight. As of now, Zac has reported to the police and is likely to be arrested soon. Some people say that the woman in the video is his wife. In the video, you can see that he pushed her so hard that she hit a wall and then the TV. Sources tell us that the video was given to him by a friend of his wife. Even though a report made, there has no news about his arrest. Soon, our readers will be able to find out more. Keep an eye on stoptechy until then to find out more.



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