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Who Was YRMA LYDYA Death Video, Cause of Death, Killed by Husband Gamboa Jimenez, Edad, Age, Biografia!

A robbery at the gas station led to the death of an 18-year-old who shot. The thing happened in Oak Park near a gas station. After more research, it found that the 18-year-old Yrma Lydya Bledsoe the girl who killed in the robbery and then shot. It turned out to be Yrma Lydya, a River Forest High School student. This found out after more questions asked and more research was done. When the school and parents heard the news. They heartbroken because a young girl killed for a small amount of money. Tell us in detail what happened and how Yrma Lydya died in the robbery. Follow our website STOPTECHY for the latest news!!!!!

CCTV Footage of the Death of Yrma Lydya Bledsoe

According to news reports and other sources, the Cook County medical examiner identified the girl as River Forest High School student Yrma Lydya on Thursday. Because of the accident and Jailyn’s death, the students and staff at the school are in pain and sadness. In a statement that the school sent home, it with a lot of sadness that we had to tell everyone that Yrma Lydya had died in a gas station robbery. We’re asking everyone to pray for the poor boy’s parents. Who going through a hard time right now because their daughter died.

Yrma Lydya Death Reason

Later, when the case looked into. It found that there was also a witness. When the police heard about it last night, they started to head toward the area, and when they got there, they found a young girl. People said that Yrma Lydya shot in the head and taken to the hospital. Where doctors pronounced her dead. During the investigation, people who saw what happened said that two men came up behind the girl and shot her from behind. They left none of her things behind and took everything, including her dark-colored Chrysler.

Who Was Yrma Lydya? Name of Husband and Family

The police say there a handy surveillance camera. But no one has arrested or is being looked at as a suspect right now. Sources say that the police are asking for help and telling people to call certain numbers and visit certain websites. If they see anything suspicious or know anything about the case. No one is in my care right now. The police haven’t released any information about the criminals because they are still looking into the case. They might release the information later if they find even a small piece of strong evidence about the two men who shot and killed Yrma Lydya.



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