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Xiaomi Unveils Self Driving Car Pilot Technology

Xiaomi’s solution for autonomous driving made by the company itself, Pilot Technology. The company has promised to put up $500 million to help build the R&D team. Xiaomi Unveils Self Driving Car Pilot Technology. Follow stoptechy

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, released the first report on how autonomous driving is going with Xiaomi Pilot Technology.

GSMArena says that Xiaomi’s solution for autonomous driving. Which made by Xiaomi itself, is called Pilot Technology. The company has promised to spend $500 million on putting together a research and development team and making what it calls the most advanced self-driving technology.

Xiaomi Unveils Self Driving Car Pilot Technology

Xiaomi hired more than 500 experts from all over the world to work on its R&D team. To ensure access to the most recent innovations and technologies, the company made a number of acquisitions and strategic investments along the way.

Lei Jun says that Xiaomi’s self-driving technology uses an in-house full-stack method and that, so far, the development has been better than anyone expected.

The company is adding another $300 million to its long-term industrial strategic capabilities. This investment gives the investor a direct stake in more than ten businesses that are already up and running. These businesses deal with sensors, actuators, and controllers in the area of autonomous driving. Xiaomi doesn’t take any chances when it comes to making sure it has access to supplies and technology all the time.

Checkout Xiaomi Unveils Self Driving Car Pilot Technology

The company uses a full stack strategy, which gives it full control over both the software and the hardware. The algorithm for self-driving cars made by the company itself. This strategy lets the company make solutions that are completely unique and have closed-loop data capabilities. It lets users quickly update software and hardware on their own.

The “reserved parking space” and “autonomous valet parking” features from Xiaomi are interesting. Even more cutting-edge services are planned to added by the company, including “automatic robotic arm charging,” as reported by GSM Arena.

Xiaomi is building a fleet of 140 test cars for the first phase of the Pilot Technology Development Programme.



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