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Why Was Karen Eames Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s wife involved in a heinous crime and after investigation. The truth behind the brutal murder and robbery came ahead. The case filed in February, and ow officer’s wife has arrested and has charged on her own. Karen Eames charged with larceny and also possession of stolen property with her. In February 2022, on the 7th of theta month, a case filed, against an officer named Isaac Eames shot killed his son, injured his wife, and fled from his house. Later after vigorous investigation, it found that Isaac shot himself as well, in Brewerton. The incident left many in shock, Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Karen Eames Arrested

As an officer involved in the case and allegations also imposed on the deceased officer that he stole some valuables. Later his wife arrested and accused and County Sheriff Eugene and District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said in a statement. On Thursday that the wife of Isaac, Karen Eames was charged with the possession of the stolen property and also having Grand Larceny. According to some investigations that held in knowing about the transactions of the couple, it came out that the couple

Why Karen Eames Arrested? Reason

Tried to have more than half a million dollars of illicit funds. It also came out that the couple had a house that they purchased by paying 200,000 dollars in cash. They also had a history of a failed transaction that was related to J.P Morgan. The failed transactions a lynchpin of the investigations that held. The sheriff announced that they did not want and expect the wife of the deceased to involved in the case. But sadly all the shreds of evidence that obtained is the opposite of what they wanted.

Karen Eames All Charges & Allegations

According to Karen her husband first shot their child Troy who was 21 then and then wounded her. His body found, all of this occurred on a single day. When Karen getting treated she spoke that husband at first pointed a gun at her, and then the only thing that he spoke was “this has to happen”. She also said that Isaac left no statement or any suicide note behind. According to Attorney Williams, the couple had a mere 115,000 dollar salaries but they bought a house of 200,000 dollars all at once and in cash.

The couple also 13 transactions and 2 additional ones that red-flagged and stopped. He also said that the couple was going on holiday and also went to casinos. Williams, at last, commented that it was nothing but pure greed. Isaac Eames was from the civil division and was a grant writer. He had the work to manage the grant funds and other financial accounts as well. The theft clearly done by Isaac and his wife as well involved in the case. According to William, they are investigating and two other officers are suspected in the case.

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