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Why Was Joe Don Chitwood, the Oklahoma Police Chief, arrested? All Charges and allegations are explained!

Joe Don, deputy head of police in Oklahoma, arrested for his part in the spreading of myth. In southeast Oklahoma, he implicated in and distributing methamphetamine. The cop was under investigation from mid-April, and he has arrested. On Friday, the Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau confirmed the arrest of a police officer. The investigations started in beginning of April, with the OBA and the DEA work together to discover more about drug dealing and supply. Joe Don Chitwood also suspected, and while investigating the case, they discovered the officer’s participation. While reporting, an OBN spokeswoman stated the same thing. For the most up-to-date information, visit

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What Happened to the Oklahoma Police Officer?

It also found that information about Joe’s involvement released during the initial stages of the investigation. Meth is the greatest cause of mortality in Oklahoma, according to OBN director Donnie Anderson. He also said that being a part of the law and police, and being involved in such work. It is a shame, and he has criticized all men and women who work for the law and devote their whole lives to protecting the law and citizens from all forms of crime and deadly drugs. He arrested on Thursday afternoon, according to local media in Oklahoma, when the Narcotics Department found small amounts of cocaine at his home.

Joe Don Chitwood has arrested.

Joe later arrested that afternoon and placed into Hughes County Jail. Authorities believe he is selling small amounts of drugs, but it is sufficient for someone who is addicted to feed on it. They also said that they were not discussing pounds and pounds, but milligrams, which are important in the eyes of an addict. Joe joined the Oklahoma police department in 2019 following working in another department, the Wetumka police department. He’s also trained search dogs out drugs, especially meth.

All Charges & Allegations Against Joe Don Chitwood Explained

He has also worked for private military security services. It was during the Iraq war, and after that he became a police trainee. They embroiled him in the drug supply case despite having such a nice and enriched background. It makes us seem awful, Joe said, just like any other cop who does the same thing. Joe remains detained, and we will updated if additional information becomes available.



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