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Why Toronto resident Tenzin Norbu arrested? The reason, All Charges, and Allegations Explained!

According to recent news, a Buddhist monk named Toronto resident Tenzin Norbu has charged with setting a woman on fire with a lit cigarette. Yes, you heard that right. It’s not right for a Buddhist to do that to a woman, and it’s a great topic to discuss. Norbo is 33 years old and is from Toronto. But on Sunday, the police learned of a new plan involving him, and they were able to find him. He charged with killing and robbing a woman with a dangerous weapon. Tell us briefly what happened and why he tried to do something wrong to a woman. According to news reports. There a very dangerous attack on a TTC bus where a woman riding. She was set on fire because people talking about a person. Who seemed to know this woman. Follow our website Stoptechy for the latest news!!!!!

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Who Is Tenzin Norbu?

This happened at 12:30 p.m. on Friday at the Kipling station. After looking at all the keys, investigators concluded that this person was trying to put the flammable liquid on the woman and set her on fire. People are very angry about a video going viral on social media, and they want to know more about 33-year-old Tenzin Norbu. Norbu is accused trying to kill a woman a bus setting fire. Norbu was born in 1989, and his criminal record is well-known. Norbu’s parents are not well-known.

Why did the police stop Tenzin Norbu from Toronto?

How can someone be so mean to women? He put the flammable liquid on her and tried to set her on fire. Talking about the woman’s condition. She taken to Sunny broke health Science Centre immediately. Doctors say her injuries are life-threatening, and she hasn’t changed since the first day. Talking about the police, they called to this Avenue of Kipling in West Street, where women being attacked.

People want to know why he wanted to set this woman on fire and salt her. According to reports, there are rumors that this person and this woman had some relationship in the past. We don’t know if this rumor is true, but the police are doing their best to find out what happened.



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