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Why Jesenea Miron arrested? A woman arrested when she try to steal the baby

Why Jesenea Miron arrested? A woman arrested when she try to steal the baby. The latest news comes from the U.S. state of California. Which says that a woman named Jesenea has arrested for stealing the babies. The Riverside Police Department has found out these details about a 23-year-old woman who arrested for allegedly trying to take a child. The riverside police department also revealed the name of the girl who arrested. For stoptechy

The girl who was taken into custody has identified as Jesenea Miron. She is 23 years old and lives in Moreno Valley at the moment. More police reports have said that Miron arrested on Friday, July 15, for trying to take a child to the Riverside University health programme infirmary. She is being held more and more by the police because of kidnapping fees. Miron has kept in jail on a $1 million bail bond. They also said that Miron pretended to be a nurse in order to use a hospital and take the child. She dressed up as a nurse and went to that health centre by herself. She was almost able to get a child out of the hospital.

Who is Jesenea Miron, anyway?

But when she went to the hospital with a child, she had to deal with hospital staff. The employees who talked to the woman immediately called the security department and Miron. Even though there is no proof that Miron was there to take a specific baby or just any baby. The Riverside police department got a call from the hospital at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, so as soon as they heard about the situation from the hospital, officials rushed to help. They also said that Miron joined a hospital as a nursing assistant and went straight to the infant ward to get a child.

Jesenea Miron arrested

Jesenea Miron arrested

She walking a child through the ward when she ran into hospital staff. That worker told the protection division right away about the suspicious nursing assistant who was holding a child. Miron stopped by security, but she ran away from a hospital before police arrived. In the end, she taken into custody by police in Moreno Valley on Friday. She has admitted that she dressed up as a nurse and went to the hospital to take the child from there. Even though the case is looked into at the moment. Because of security concerns, the authorities have never found out more about this case.

This event also raises more questions about the Hospital’s security measures. Will it be easy to get into a medical centre by pretending to work there and take babies? At the moment, there isn’t much known about the person who arrested. For the latest news, changes, and developments in the United States and around the world, stay tuned in.



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