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Why did the news anchor Arshad Sharif get arrested? The reason, All Charges and Allegations Explained!

In this article, we’re going to tell you some shocking news. This news is about Arshad Sharif, a well-known news anchor. Everyone knows him for being a great anchor, and a new story came out on Saturday night that the Hyderabad Police will file an FIR against him. Everyone wants to know why the police are doing this, and the reason is that he was blaming an seen talking against state institutions. Stay tuned until the end of this article to find out more, and follow to get more information. Hyderabad Police is looking into this, and it has reported to the B section police in Hyderabad. The police say that anchor Arshad Sharif booked and made comments against the state institution that aren’t allowed. It is against the panel laws. Follow our website for more news!!!

Who Is Arshad Sharif?

He is a well-known anchor, but he keeps getting in trouble and watched by the police. Talking about Arshad Sharif, it wasn’t the first time he went to jail after an FIR filed against him, but he targeted many times as he did work related to this. In 2017, he also watched by police when her short Sharif was going to present in the Council of complaints and that two for the Pakistan electronic media. Everyone says that Arshad Sharif is a well-known Pakistani journalist who is also a journalist.

Why did the police take Arshad Sharif into custody?

But he is also a great writer and a TV news anchor. He has covered many political events in the country for national and international news. He was born on February 22, 1973, and he is now 49 years old. They was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He has won many awards, including the Asian Investigative Media Award and the War Correspondent Award. His parents named Mohammed Sharif.

IHC tells FIA not to harass Arshad Sharif
Arshad Sharif

All charges and allegations against anchor Arshad Sharif are explained.

He used to work for ARY Digital Network. He has been on many TV shows, like “Powerplay” on ARY News, where he talked about his accomplishments. Because of this, he is known as a senior anchor on ARY News, and he used to the director of news on Dunya TV. His father was a very good commander, but he died in 2011 from a heart attack at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology. He also had a younger brother who died in a car accident.



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