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Why Amanda Chisom arrested, the charges and allegations were looked into!

Amanda Chisom arrested for being a witness. According to the article, Amanda Chisom will held until Chimark shows up. Amanda Chisom is the CEO of TerchBlaze Media Consult. She is also a Nigerian social media influencer who blogs about feminist issues and is an activist. Recently, her name found online, and it quickly spread through social networking sites. A lot of people worried about news. Online, many people are looking for this news. Follow our website, STOPTECHY.

How did Amanda Chisom arrested?

Amanda Chison, who was the brand ambassador for Chinmark Group, allegedly used threats when Chinmark Group failed. People say that the Chinmark investment platform crashed. One employee of the company has confirmed the rumour. Her post got a lot of attention. On the forum, many people who had lost money to Chinmark asked Amanda Chisom to do something. They said she had gotten tens of thousands of people to join the plan.

Achara Ugo, one of the victims, said that her father died as soon as he heard the terrible news. She said that her father died of high blood pressure after hearing the sad news that he had invested his bonus in Chinmark, a company that Amanda believed in. The woman said she would make sure Amanda lost a family member just like she had.

Amanda Chisom arrested

She told it to go around please. My father, COS, put his bonus in Chinmark, which he promoted, but I lost him because of Amanda. He died yesterday because of COS, which caused by high blood pressure. Amanda Chisom wants to apologise to everyone who bought stock in the business because of her marketing. The business owner said he was an investor, not one of the people who started Chin Mark.



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