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Why Alex Mashinsky arrested? Why the CFO of Celsius arrested? Reason: All charges and allegations have been explained!

Hello, everyone! We all know that there are two types of crypto scams going on all over the world. Security experts haven’t found a way to stop them yet, and people still fall for them. Recently, some online users used a fake video of Elon Musk to transfer Bitcoin and make millions of dollars. Yaron Shalem, the CFO of crypto lender Alex Mashinsky, arrested recently, according to many reliable sources. On Monday of last week, she arrested for money laundering and fraud. For the most up-to-date information, visit Stop Techy

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Who is Alex Mashinsky’s?

She knows people who deal with money online, like coin desk. All of this happened in Israel, and they confirmed that she had arrested. While Celsius Network denied that any of their workers were arrested, they trying to make sure that no assets were lost. They know this investigation is going on, but I don’t want to help it because it would hurt their reputation. In Israel, the court case will start right away, and the employee’s situation gotten worse.

Why did the police stop Alex Mashinsky?

We don’t know much about her, and we don’t have any new information on her relationship status either. She was one of the 17 people the Israeli police were looking for in the fraud case. It all happened in November of last year, and there are still many things we don’t know. This cryptocurrency project has a lot of potential, and millions of dollars being put into it. The rest of the investors are nervous, though, and they might want to pull their money out of this project if news like this starts to spread.

Alex Mashinsky Caught

She is said to have sold investment opportunities to many people and state-owned organizations, and she has accused of committing fraud for a long time. As we all know, the cryptocurrency market is crashing, and the economy is in a very bad place. This could mean that many well-known cryptocurrency projects will fail. Terra Luna was a promising cryptocurrency, but it crashed all of a sudden, and now many crypto billionaires only have half of what they had before. We’ll be back with more information about this case, so keep an eye on our site until then.



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