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Who was Theresa Velasquez, and how did she die? Famous Person Died, Updates on the Funeral, Obituary, and Family!

We are once again talking about the death of a well-known person. The world is always losing gems, and the list of people who have died is always growing. In this blog, we talk about the details of a death case that people still remember. The case reported in June of last year, but it still seems new. Last year, a scary story about a woman’s death sent chills down people’s spines. In June, a woman stuck for hours in a big concrete pile and bent steel after her apartment building fell. Follow our website for more news!!!

Theresa Velasquez Death Reason

The event was said to happened in Florida. Alan Kominsky, the county chief of Miami-Dade County Fire, said on June 24 that during the investigation, “at one point, we not able to hear the voice of the woman who was stuck under the debris.” After an eleven-page memo was sent out last week, the case is back in the news. The Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue Department sent out this memo and called it “Voice in the Ruins.” Theresa Velasquez was the name of the person who died. This memo is a tribute to her. She ran Live Nation Music as a top manager.

Who Was Theresa Velasquez? Parents and kids

She was only 36 years old when she died, and she worked hard. She died in June, the same month as her parents. On April 25, the chief of Deputy Fire, Raised Jadallah, wrote the memo. Besides her and her family, a 14-year-old boy died when the building fell. The memo from Jadala tells about the terrible times and scary days when the incident happened. There was a lot of broken stuff in the apartment after it fell. The memo says a lot about the terrible thing that happened. Besides the deaths, the building has taken a lot of damage.

Los Angeles music exec had arrived night before Surfside building collapse  to visit parents

During the first five hours, many people were hit in parking lots, on balconies, and on stairwells. Many people saved by the people who went into the building to help. The memo said that the rescue team helped about 37 people. The memo gives all the details about the terrible event that made people shiver. The team talked about what they had learned and how scary the case was. We only have this much information about this event right now. For now, keep an eye on us.

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