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Who was Rick Williams of ABC News, and what caused his death?Action News’s top producer died at age 77. His wife and obituary

There is a lot of sadness after the death of a person who made a big difference in the media world. Rick Williams was the name of the person who died. He was an executive producer at Longtime Action News. Rick died on June 15, 2022, which was confirmed by the station. Since then, people have been sad about his death and have been sending condolences and paying tribute to his pure soul. People on the Internet are trying to find out what caused his sudden death and learn more about him. For the most up-to-date information, visit stoptechy

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Rick Williams of ABC News Explains Why He Died

Williams was an Executive Producer for Action News on ABC at 11 and Action News at 10. In 1977, when he was still a student at Ohio State University, he started working in television. After that, he did an internship at a radio station called WOSU and at a TV station in Ohio called Public Broadcasting. Rick got a job at WOSU after he graduated from college. In 1982, he worked for WPVI-YV, but after a few days, he got a call from Action News, where he talked about his job in Philadelphia.

Who Was ABC News’s Rick Williams?

He first made the show “The Weekend 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM Newscasts” with Rob Jennings, who was an anchorman for almost 5 years. After doing great work and having a good year at work, he was given a raise and made executive producer in October 1999. In April 2015, he became the executive producer of PHL 17’s Action News at 10 and Action News at 11. After that, the station told him that he could retire in 2021, after 40 years of working in the newsroom. ABC 6 News confirmed that he had died and also said what caused his death.

Rick Williams Family: His Wife and Kids

The station said that Rick died on the night of June 15, 2022, after a hard-fought battle with esophageal cancer. He took his last breath. A news release about his death said that Rick’s love for local news was boundless. Rick and his wife, Tina, planned to travel around the country during their retirement. They never get a chance, which is sad. The news of his death shocked both the people who knew him and the media world. Christine Bowley, the assistant news director, wrote a tribute in which she said, “Life is not fair to anyone. I can’t believe that Rick Williams is no longer with us. Rest in peace, my friend.



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