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Who was Leonna Hale, and how did she die? Police in Kansas City shoots at a pregnant woman on video!

Police are in the news because they shot a pregnant black woman. This shows how cruel police can be. If you use Twitter often, you might have heard of Leonna Hale. Everyone wants to know more about her because her name is always in the news. Who is she, and why are people curious about her? On Friday, May 27, 2022, the latest news says that while looking for a stolen car, Kansas City police shot a pregnant black woman five times. The two Kansas officers in two cars were allegedly responding to a call about a robbery of a car with tools just before 8:00 PM. The car found in the parking lot of a Family Dollar store in Kansas City, at the corner of 6th and Prospect Avenues. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

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Who Was Leonna Hale?

The two suspects were in the car when the police saw them. The police said that the man ran straight northeast when they got close, and then two officers gave chase. In the meantime, the 26-year-old victim, Leonna Hale, got out of the car and told the police that there was a gun in the car. Aside from being pregnant when she fired, not much is known about Hale. Authorities say that two officers then shot at her without stopping to think. In this incident, she badly hurt and was taken to the local hospital right away. According to reports, her health is stable right now.

Family, Husband, and Instagram for Leonna Hale

When the incident happens, many other police officers come to the scene, and one of them ties her hand while she’s lying on the floor unconscious. The police also caught the male suspect and took him to the local hospital for a health problem that had nothing to do with the crime. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is now in charge of this case, and they are looking into it right now. An outside agency must look into the officer involved in these cruel shootings by law. After the news spread about the shooting, the allegedly involved officers had already put on leave. The whole thing has caught on video and put on the web.

And is currently passed around among users. In the video, a man can heard shouting that police shot a woman who is five months pregnant. But She Danja’s account of what happened is not the same. In a post on social media, she said that Hale was the first person to get out of the car and raise her hands to show that she did not have a gun or other weapon with her. She then seemed to start running away because she was afraid that the police were coming “towards Hale with guns in their hands.” The police shot her, the witness said. This video spread like wildfire on social media and now has a lot of views. People are talking about this video and giving the police in Kansas a hard time for how they treated a pregnant black woman.



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