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Who was Deborah Samuel Yakubu and how did she die? She was killed in the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto.

According to a recent report, everyone is shocked by the murder of Deborah Samuel. If you don’t know about her, she a female student at di Shehu Shagari college of education in the Northwest of Nigeria. Islamic scholars knew her as a child who had learned a lot. She was killed badly, and no one has done anything about this case yet. But the police have looking into the whole thing, and they have arrested some people they think might be involved. Follow our website to get the latest news!!!!!

Video of Deborah Samuel’s Death

They are both students at the same college. And there is a deep investigation into what went wrong that led to the death of Deborah Samuel. This was a very shocking and sad thing that happened in this college. After all of these bad things happened at this college. The authorities and staff members said that they would close it for the day so that the police could do their investigation. The students who were there were also told to go home safely.

Who Was Deborah Samuel?

People also said bad things about the Muslim student, who seen as the cause of the whole thing and was accused of killing the girl and setting her body on fire. According to the report, the police have decided to block the main highway in Nigeria so that they can’t destroy the college or hurt the students studying there. This is what happened at 9 a.m.

Deborah Samuel – Funeral Updates & Obituary

When a guy named Dia holy Prophet severely inserted the girl. It is also said that many students were there at the time of the incident and that the student was very mean to her. They dragging her out of the hostel room and then everyone started to tease her. And pick up the stone and beat her with a stick. After all of this, he killed her and set her body on fire. And this video is getting a lot of attention today and people are sending the angry reaction.

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