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Who Was DANIEL ENRIQUEZ, and How Did He Die? CCTV footage shows that a man was shot and killed on the Q train in New York City.

A man from New York City killed when he on the Q train and shot. Daniel Enriquez, a Goldman Sachs worker who was 48 years old, riding the Q train when he shot by someone who was not known. Daniel was getting ready to go out to brunch on Sunday. The city police and city leaders are glad that crime will stopped and kept under control in the state. Daniel was moving from Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he lived, to Manhattan. As the train went over the Manhattan Bridge, someone with a gun came from nowhere and shot Daniel very badly. Follow our website stoptechy.com for more news!!!

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Who Was Daniel Enriquez?

The murder happened in the morning, around 11:42, according to what the police said. We have no idea who did it, and he hasn’t caught yet. His family very hurt by what happened, and his sister said something controversial and brave. When she talked to the media. Daniel’s sister, Griselda Vile, said that no one should go through such pain. Keeping in mind the recent criminal bail, she said that even if the criminal is caught. There might be a chance that he will be bailed. She also directly criticized the mayor by quoting him and telling the reporters to leave,

Reason for Daniel Enriquez’s death, Name of Suspect, and Pictures

Tell Adams that the city is in danger and that her brother shot from a closer distance. Even her husband said that people should do their jobs and try harder. Daniel Enriquez sister even told the general public that everyone should know about the crime and that this could happen to someone else. She then said that she wasn’t attacking the mayor but instead wanted them to focus on the people of New York. She also said that now that her brother is dead, she is even more afraid to send her daughter to the city alone.

Daniel Enriquez Shooting Video CCTV

According to the source, crime records have gone up since 2021. There has been a 19% rise in felonies, a 12% rise in rape cases in the city, and a 42% rise in robberies, which makes it hard for the average person to live. The person, Daniel’s sister, talking to was a terrorist who just gotten away from prison a week before this happened. The criminal should have locked up for life or put to death, but he is now free. The person who shot Daniel is still unknown, and police think he might have run away.



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