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Who is LUP XIAO MAO MAO ZI? Why she committed sucide during a live broadcast

The 25-year-old died on a weekday after drinking pesticides while using the Chinese app Douyin. During the show, she said that her friends already knew that she had in the hospital for two months because of depression. He has 678,000 followers on Douyin, and his account has 38 short videos. LUP XIAO MAO MAO ZI said on the live stream, “This could be my last video because I’ve depressed for a long time.” An anonymous friend of the influencer said that someone told her to buy a drink with pesticides in it.


Then she taken to a hospital, but according to reports from local media, her family said she died while getting emergency care. This is shocking news, but what happened during the live broadcast is even more shocking. When “Luo Xiao Mao Mao Zi” went live that night, he pulled out a bottle of chemicals right then and there. She looked like she didn’t care, and the light makeup on her face wasn’t any different than usual. She didn’t look like someone who was about to leave this world.


This was her last video. The first time I saw it, it was hard for me to believe that it was a woman who wanted to kill herself, saying goodbye to the world as it is now. At the same time, looking at this video also makes people cry! No matter how much my heart wants to say these words so clearly, even though the tragedy happened, it’s not over yet. What did Luo Xiaomao experience? People say that her ex-boyfriend, Zhao Ruolin, and her current one broke up for good right before the tragedy.

Mao Xiao Luo Mao Zi’s Wikipedia, Biography, Age

Because of this, people on the Internet started to make fun of themselves and each other. However, Zhao Ruolin splashed dirty water on Luo Cat’s body. Many people on the internet turned against Xiaomao and started talking in an offensive Nilotic language. Putting her under a lot of stress. In fact, his wrists cut off in May, but the online abuse he got and the injuries he caused haven’t stopped. Even though he’s dead now. He still hopes that the dead can rest in peace, which is what “Luo Xiaoxiao Maozi” says. Follow Stoptechy for the latest news and information about what is going on in the world.



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