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Who is KATHERINE MASSEY? Her family, age, and more!

Social media reveals many more dead after the top market buffalo shooting. Katherine Massey was a gunshot victim who wrote for gun control. She was 72 and murdered in the shooting. Her paper published over a year earlier and detailed how the theatre should have standards on the use of emanations and weapons as violence increases rapidly. May her soul rest in peace. Follow for updates!

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Katie Massey

Her family’s is destroyed. She’d witnessed several mass deaths, so she wrote to outlaw firearms and limit their use. Americans have the most firearms in the world, yet mass shootings and school violence are routine. In the latter, she stated how she loved the neighbourhood and supported black people. As president of the local block club, she worked with colleagues to improve circumstances and ties amongst neighbours.

Katherine Massey shot and killed in Buffalo.

In August 2018, she wrote another article urging the Buffalo Police Department to hire more black officers because only then would they understand society better. She also said that illegal gun dealers were selling guns to minors and that the trafficking of guns was getting worse. She said that GPS and satellites should be used to track them down. But there was no answer, and the government was really stupid. Now that the accident has happened, they are just beginning to look into what happened.

Wikipedia and a biography of Katherine Massey

And ten people have already died, and some of those people are still fighting for their lives in hospitals. She always cared about the safety and well-being of society, and she had a lot of ideas for how to make things better for everyone. Now, it’s being said that the 18-year-old criminal did it because he hated minorities and wanted to kill them all. He was a kind of psychopath who also streamed the whole thing live on Twitch.

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