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Who is Jerry Chen, the churchgoer? One person was killed in a shooting at a church in California. CCTV footage went viral on Twitter.

A courageous video of the reverend hitting a gunman with his chair to stop the attack went viral. The accident occurred at Laguna Woods Church, and a churchgoer informed about it. The Orange County sheriffs are now looking into why the teacher didn’t look for the gunman after the deadly shooting over the weekend. At the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, lunch was just over, and everyone was getting ready to pray when someone in a mask came in and started shooting. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

Who is Jerry Chen, the Churchgoer?

Around 2:00 p.m., Jerry Chen, 62 years old and in the church kitchen, heard gunshots. He said that they just started shooting at random and killed hurt many people. Right away, she called 911, and the police came right away. Six people were shot during the accident, and he also said that the man with the heat organ used the chair to stop the other man from reloading his gun. He was lucky that he didn’t get hurt during the act.

Video of the Church Shooting in California

His brave action is getting praise from people who use the Internet. He has done a good job and may have saved many lives. The shooter’s name hasn’t revealed, and the police are still looking for him. Maybe they’ll catch him soon. The Orange County Sheriff said that it was probably a 60-year-old Asian man and that he would be arrested in Las Vegas. Still, no one knows why the shooting happened, but it could have been because of religious differences.

We have seen that violence between different groups and religious conflicts worsen very quickly. Hatred is spreading all over the world, and this needs to stop. We are destroying our own lives, and there is no point in more violence. Everyone should keep the peace and respect each other’s religions. He has been doing his Duty for more than ten years, and in that time, they have done a lot of good work for charity. We’ll be back soon with more news and interesting stories from all over the world.

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