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Who is Irma Garcia daughter? She remembers her father and mother and gives updates on their funerals and death notices.

Irma Garcia daughter, one of the people killed at the school in Uvalde, Texas, said to be dead, which made her family sad. Two teachers were killed in the shooting at the school. Many people were heartbroken after the shooting, and many parents lost their children. Irma’s husband, Joe, died on Thursday, which is sad news for their family. Their nephew, John Martinez, told about the event. He said Joe had just fallen and found to be dead. Debra Austin, who is Irma’s cousin, said, ” Follow our website stoptechy.com for the latest news!!!!!

Who is the daughter of Irma Garcia?

That she’s sure, Joe died because he was sad. She said it on a page for raising money. She went on to say that it must be hard for them to be facing death after living together for 25 years. Joe might have found it hard to deal with it. Martinez said that Joe was coming back from putting flowers on his wife’s grave when he suddenly fell and died. Martinez wrote about what happened in The New York City News story. He said that everyone in his family was very sad about Joe’s death. He said that the couple used to love everyone who knew them. According to another nephew of the couple, Joe died of a heart attack.

American health research shows that this kind of thing happens quite often. Even more so when someone you care about dies. Research shows that nothing like a heart attack happens when these things happen, but they often called heart attacks. But in this kind of case, there is no blockage report. Instead, the heart stops beating. Martinez wrote on Twitter that he and his family are having a hard time. Uncle and aunt are no longer with us. He says that Irma’s husband Joe has died, and he says, “I am so sad to tell you this.” Irma Garcia daughter

He said that everyone liked the couple because they were so nice. Last but not least, he asked everyone to pray for them. One of the kids who made it through the attack said that Irma and another teacher were keeping them safe. The student said that Irma and the other teacher kept and other students from getting shot. He also said they both went in front of the gunman to protect the children. Martinez said that his aunt was a hero, keeping this in mind.



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