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Who is Boombl4 wife? His leaked and viral videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit; and more!

In this article, we’ll talk about Kirill Mikhailov, former captain of NAVIknown as Boombl4 wife. Recent news stories say that he blamed for the drugs that his wife, Rika LiQueen Mikhailova, took. He also said that he badly blackmailed on the social media site. And the photos and videos used to blackmail him. Talking about all the accusations made against him. Which made by her wife LiQueen on the Telegram channel. Where she posted a video showing that Boombl4 was taking a white substance. She says that he is addicted to drugs and cheating on her. Speaking about their relationship, both couples recently said they broke up and got divorced within 5 months of getting married. For the most up-to-date information, visit stoptechy

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Who is the wife of Boombl4?

But if you look at their early lives, Boombl4 proposed to her on a big stage in Stockholm. After he won the G2 sports tournament. It said that on April 21, she announced she and Boombla getting a divorce. She also made it right after she told everyone about it a few days later. Talking about the Boombl4 situation, he taken off the NAVI team on May 28. And this is as a high risk to NAVI’s reputation. When talking about both couples. They gotten a lot of attention, not just now but also when Russia’s takeover of Ukraine is about to start.

The Boombl4 Wife Video Has Gone Viral

McQueen also posted a few messages, and it seems like she in favor of the war and worried about the future of his partner. And the NAVI group in Ukraine. NAVI officially announced that Boombl4 has kicked off the team because he posed a high risk to the team’s reputation. This is very unfair, and we can assume that NAVI involved in all of the charges made against the player. Who has a part of the organization since May 2019. He also responded to the video that is going viral on Telegram.

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boobl4 and his wife are in a relationship.

He took his time and apologized to all of his followers for posting upsetting things on the social media platform. So he made a big apology, saying that he was very sorry and that he had no control over the situation. He also said that he could announce or reveal more details about the situation if he wanted to. He also talked about how he was going to get back at those responsible for the photos and videos going viral on social media and spreading false information about him. It said that going to file a lawsuit for defamation.



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