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Who Is Akanksha Puri? Mika Di Vohti Winner Set To Marry Mika Singh Age Instagram Explored

Finally, the most handsome and versatile singer “Mika Singh” found a life partner when actress Akanksha Puri won the show “Mika Di Vohti,” and many people are sending them well-wishes as they plan to marry and give their relationship a legal name. Even though not many people know who Akansha is, a lot of people want to learn everything they can about her. So, in this article, we’ll talk about her and her personal life. Below, you’ll find all the facts, including some that haven’t been told before. Follow stoptechy

According to exclusive reports or sources, Akasha Puri won the show on July 24th and 25th, 2022, and her chemistry with him looked amazing. So, once their photos posted on social media. A lot of people started saying nice things about them because they look great together. Everyone is looking forward to learning more about her because, before this, she was involved in many arguments about her relationship status. Because she was Paras Chabra’s girlfriend for a few years, but they broke up in a very bad way.

Who Is Akanksha Puri?

Mika Singh said to be friends with Akansha Puri. The two have known each other for 134–14 years. In 2021, rumours that they were dating were at their height. But then they came out in the media and cleared everything up as clear as a mirror. Now, they’re back in the news because they’re in a relationship. Some reports say that they getting married soon. Even their friends and fans are happy for them because they look great together, and once they get married. It dream come true for Mika Singh’s fans to see him get married.

As an actress, Akansha Puri has done a lot of great things. Right now, she is in the popular mythology show Vighnaharta Ganesh. Some reports say that she met Paras Chabra for the first time on the set, where he was also acting. But they had a fight when their points of view started to clash and become different. They decided to go their separate ways, even though they both got rid of their tattoos. So, here we’ve listed pieces of information that we got from other important sources. If we find out anything else, we’ll be sure to let you know.



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