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Where exactly is “Harry’s House”? Harry Styles talks about

Since he was a teenager in the boy band One Direction. Harry’s House Styles has been on the move, going on one world tour after another. So he has been giving a lot of thought to the idea of home. Just look at the name of his new album, Harry’s House, which came out today.

Morning Edition’s Leila Fadel talked to Styles about the idea of home and where he looked for it during and after lockdown. How he helped his friends heal, and how hard it is to separate the pop star from the person. Especially when they’ve been the star for so much of their lives. She also found out that he was researching her while she was doing research on him for the interview.

“Leila’s speech at Northeastern’s graduation was the best in the school’s history,” he says.


Morning Edition’s Leila Fadel

This album, Harry’s House, was recorded in LA, Tokyo, Maine, and London, among other places. That shows the kind of life you lead as a traveler. So, where do you feel at home?

Harry Styles: I think friends are what make a home for me. Even though this album is so personal and talks a lot about my journey to find a place to call home, I feel like it’s mostly for my friends.

I always thought I’d land in a certain place or house and think, “Oh, this is the home I’ve been looking for.” And I think that, like happiness, that’s not always a final destination. It’s more of a journey with peaks and valleys of happiness and sadness – all the things that make you feel alive.

Is Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” being talked about here?

It’s look like Roald Dahl’s Matilda. It was like, “Okay, let’s pretend we’re talking to an adult Matilda who’s mistreated by her family.” How would you talk to an adult Matilda?

People feel guilty about things they don’t always need to feel guilty about. You have every right to protect the space around you and take care of yourself. I think it was a time when it wasn’t my place to make someone else’s story about me, but I did want to let them know I was listening. Harry’s House

The single “As It Was” has a really fun vibe, but you can hear sadness and nostalgia if you listen to the words. What time do you want to sing about?

It’s about changing, getting lost, and finding yourself again. Accept that life happens at different times and not always when you expect it to. That’s great, but along with great things come complicated emotional journeys. Harry’s House

You’ve said that you’re trying to figure out how not to be defined by what you do and who you are apart from.

It became a part of who I am because I started so young. I don’t think I ever stopped long enough to think about what I would be if I didn’t do it. But I think I’m getting to a point where I can say, “This is what I do and I love it, but it’s not necessarily who I am.” Just seems like a better place to run a business and make music from.



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