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What was the cause of Debra Jeter death? Kiersten, the survivor of the case, stars in a Netflix original film.

How Did Debra Jeter Pass Away? Kiersten: A Netflix Original Film Based On The Case And Survived Daughter Kiersten: A Netflix Original Film Based On The Case And Survived DaughterHave you heard of the name Debra Jeter, which has recently been trending on the internet? If you haven’t already, today we’ll talk about the event that made the name Debra famous on the internet. The lady found guilty of the murder of her kids, and she was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Which means she will never be eligible for release. Follow Stoptechy has more updates.

How Did Debra Jeter Pass Away?

The plea deal exempted the daughter from the act of testifying in court in order to save her from facing the death sentence. There were also other warning flags that presented to her, which is why she barred from testifying.

The mother accused of physical abuse of her 12-year-old daughter, Kiersten, in 2004. However, the accusations against Debra dismissed once she began getting mental health therapy. Debra’s spouse, Lester Lee Jeter, filed for divorce five years later, the cause of which never disclosed. However, it is thought that the cause her mental health concerns, which were also impacting their relationship.

Debra Jeter, who was she?

Debra is a 33-year-old American woman who was living in Texas. Her ethnicity is white, and there is no information about her personal life on the internet. According to our sources, her divorce from her husband, Lee, was a heartbreaking blow for her.

As a result, she became embroiled in the custody battle over their kids. The troubles had grown so bad in her thoughts that she had a crazy notion since it was terrible for her to lose her girls as well as her spouse.

Kiersten Jeter, Debra Jeter’s daughter, is missing.

It was becoming so bad that Lee had to seek a restraining order against her so she wouldn’t hurt her children. She allowed to come without monitoring only one day after attempting suicide.

Kiersten Jeter has avoided the media since an event occurred when she was a youngster. It was because the scars had such a profound effect that they generated a trauma that was very difficult to overcome. She is presently around the age of 25.



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