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What was the cause of Andrew Cole’s death, and how did he pass away? Dead was a rugby referee.

What caused Andrew Cole’s death, and how did he pass away? The death of a rugby referee: Rugby referee Andrew Cole passed away suddenly on Saturday. July 9 as a result of cancer. The sources state that Andrew Cole passed away while he was battling cancer. More updates may be found at

Describe Andrew Cole.

Rugby referee Andrew Cole was an Australian. From 2012 to 2015, he served on the World Rugby Match Official Selection Committee. Where he worked on the creation of regulations to protect referees’ welfare.

From 1997 through 2005, Andrew Cole officiated over 31 rugby matches. Additionally, he has received two references to the Rugby World Cup. In 2021, he received the World Rugby Referee Award. In the rugby match, Andrew Cole served as both a coach and a selection of several players’ names. The players Andrew Cole chose have consistently ranked among the best.

Andrew Cole had three sons—Michael, David, and Megan—from his marriage to Anne Maree, through whom he also had two grandchildren. Many individuals looked up to Andrew Cole because of his seductive style of officiating. He had a significant influence on both current and upcoming players. Without a doubt, Andrew Cole will continue to adore many young athletes.

What cause of Andrew Cole’s death?

The Australian rugby referee Andrew Cole battled illness for a few years before finally succumbing to it, leaving behind his illustrious family and friends. But Andrew Cole will always be regarded for the person he was born to be.

Honoring Andrew Cole

The tragic death of the rugby referee, who lost his life after a fight with illness, grieved all of his supporters. The World Rugby committee has lost the actual diamond of the family. Who had always given their 100 percent to whatever task they were ever given, according to Sir Bill Beaumont, the head of the organisation. In a social media post, Sir Bill Beaumont stated that Andrew Cole was concerned about the wellbeing of every committee member, in addition to his family, friends, and the world he lived in. He was a top-notch match official, selector, and coach.

The spouse of Andrew Cole, Anne Maree, also posted a tribute to her husband, saying that they had a great marriage. Andrew Cole never missed an opportunity to show his wife, Anne Maree, how much he loved her. There would always be space for Andrew Cole in a family of eight. He was a special person.



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