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What was Raheel Ahmed? Sania Khan’s ex-husband is a photographer from Georgia.

This news is going to shock you a lot because it’s not something you hear very often. A man named Raheel Ahmed had driven from Georgia to kill his ex-wife, Sania Khan, in her apartment. Sania was living in a Streeterville apartment. What could have made Raheel do such a terrible thing to someone he used to know? Check out stoptechy for more news.

What does Raheel Ahmed do?

The reports came from Alpharetta, Georgia, police. They had asked to check on Raheel Ahmed’s well-being, so they sent officers to a place in the 200 blocks of East Ohio Street around 4 p.m. But when the police got there, they saw that Raheel wasn’t there. He had been living in the suburbs of Atlanta. Someone from the Alpharetta police department told the Chicago police that Ahmed and Sania were getting a divorce. People thought that he had gone there because he was sad and wanted to save their marriage. But Sania’s friends thought differently, saying that they were already divorced.

Let’s now try to explain who Raheel Ahmed was. He previously married to the photographer Sania Khan. They also shot her after they had gotten a divorce. He is thought to be missing, but no one has found him yet. The Alpharetta police gave the Chicago police information about him.

When the police arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found that no one was answering the door. When they broke down the door, they found a dead body on the floor. It was Sania’s body. She had shot in the back of the head, and there dried blood on her face. Raheel also found by the police, but before they could ask him anything, he killed himself. The police found a 9mm handgun and a note saying he was going to kill himself.

The couple broke up about a year ago. The medical exam showed that she killed. Raheel’s death, on the other hand, has ruled a suicide. Even more, the photographer said that she had moved back to Chicago, where she had grown up. The murderer has killed himself, so no one will ever know why he or she did it.



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