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What was Pallavi Dey cause of death? According to her last note, the Bengali actress killed herself, her boyfriend, and her funeral.

Good morning, everyone! The very sad news is going around the Internet. Pallavi Dey, a famous actress from West Bengal, India, has committed suicide. All of their fans were shocked by the news, and they have started expressing their sadness on different social networking sites. We want her family to know that we are thinking of and praying for them, and we want her soul to rest in peace. She was a great performer who always won over the crowd’s hearts. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

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Why Pallavi Dey Died?

But now, the local government has said that she killed herself and that her body found hanging from the ceiling fan. According to reports, she was living with her male partner, Sagnik Chakraborty. The parents have said that the male partner should not be blamed, and they have asked for an investigation. She was always laughing with her friends and coworkers and was very happy. She is also on Instagram, where more than 5,000 people follow her.

Bengali TV Actress Pallavi Dey Found Hanging At Rented Home In Kolkata

Pallavi Dey Suicide Note, Reason

At that age, users could see her famous TV show footage. She did not only perform in her native language, but she also did some small series in Hindi. She was a really beautiful actress with a great personality and character. Her voice was really beautiful, and she had a lovely face and used to wear mesmerizing jewelry. Some people say that she having some mental problems and might have been depressed.

Pallavi Dey – Funeral Updates, Last Pics & Video

She had already started filming for her TV show on May 12, 2022, and everything seemed fine. She was talking to her teammates and the people behind the camera. But we still can’t say anything because she didn’t leave a note. Today, mental health is a very important issue, and many famous people have died. We hope that everything will be clear by the time we get back, and we will have more news and information from all over the world.



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