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What happened to William Pagano? What Happened to Mark Todd, the History of the Murder Case!

Hello, everyone! Recently, a very secret story about a murder that happened about 30 years ago has been making the rounds on the Internet. William Pagano sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder. Recently, it came out that he died on August 23, 1994, after shot in the head. Mark Todd was a good person who lived in Jefferson County. When William’s dead body found in his apartment and a shotgun found in his home, everyone shocked. Follow our website stoptechy for the latest news!!!!!

What happened to William Pagano?

The investigation was very hard, and it took the local police department a long time to figure out what was going on. Now, a show called “Discovery Investigation” made a documentary about this case, which is what got everyone interested in it again. Mark was a great person. He was happy with his family, and he gave back to his community and society. He had married for more than 16 years and had two kids. But after a while, his neighbors told him that something was wrong.

Mark Todd Murder Case

And they didn’t get along well with his wife because they fought a lot. Mark was dating William’s daughter, and the two of them were having an affair behind William’s back. William was the chief of police. When he heard about what happened, he got angry and shot marks. William was also the vice president of scientific security. In the secretariat, he had a lot of power and influence. It all happened on March 26, 1991, when William went to the garage and made several short marks.

William was never again, and no news has come out about where his family is now. We hope they are doing well. Since there was a lot of blood in the garage and there was no way to get Mark to a nearby hospital, he died at the age of 33. Everyone was sad and shocked when they heard about his death. Every day, William had doubts about killing his wife. Years later, after investigations, he found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.



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