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What happened to Marc Daniel Bernardo fare? Watch a Twitter Video

The crowd has debating a video of Marc Daniel Bernardo that was released on Twitter quite a bit.

Marc Daniel Bernardo, a dancer and popular TikTok user is highly recognized for his dance-related videos.

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About 10 million people follow him on his Marcdaniel Bernardo account.

His girlfriend Kat Kat may seen in several of his dancing videos. On TikTok, he has over 155 million fans.

What was Marc Daniel Bernardo’s performance?

A video of Marc Daniel Bernardo surfaced on Twitter and received unwanted attention.

A pornographic dance video of Marc posted on Twitter by a user known for posting homos**ual NSFW material.

After it went viral, many online users expressed a wish to watch his footage.

His “marcdanielbernardo” TikTok account has more than 10 million followers. Due to his lovable demeanor, this little boy is popular online.

Marc Daniel Bernardo’s Twitter video raises an uproar

Because they think it’s a scam, people are furious with Marc Daniel Bernardo’s Twitter video.

However, you may find the video on the @bladdic33671624 account.

Due to his fame, the video has attracted viewers.

Dancer and popular TikTok user known for her dancing videos.



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