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What happened to kill Alan White? Yes, drummer dead at 72, wife, funeral updates, and obituary!

We are sick and tired of hearing about the deaths of people in the music business. But they aren’t doing it to stop people from going to death row. In just five months, we’ve lost a lot of great musicians who made a big difference in the music business. Alan White is the last name to be added to this list. Alan White was a drummer who played for a long time with the band Yes. We no longer have the drummer between us. Several news sources say that the drummer died at the age of 72. Fans are always trying to find out what happened to him in the end. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

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Alan White’s Cause of Death

Reports from many news outlets say that Alan White died after a “short illness.” His band “Yes” has confirmed the news of his death on their social media account. The band wrote a post with a picture of their late drummer, who played with them for 50 years. The post says, “The news has shocked and stunned the whole YES family. We still can’t believe that our beloved drummer is no longer with us. Alan White is looking forward to the upcoming UK tour so he can celebrate his 50th birthday.

Alan White’s Wife and Kids’ Names

Alan’s journey with the band YES began in July 1972, when they released “Close to the Edge,” one of their most famous albums. Alan and his wife, Gigi, just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. He died peacefully in his own home.” In the summer of 1972, the original drummer, Bill Bruford, left YES to join King Crimson. This is when the late drummer joined YES.

Updates on Alan White’s funeral and obituary

Before that, in 1969, John Lennon asked him to join the band that the late Beatles and Yoko Ono were in. He was a member of the Plastic Ono Band with John Lennon. The late drummer came into the world on June 14, 1949, in Pelton, County Durham, which is in England. When he was 12, he learned how to play the drums and started playing in clubs in London. In 1969, when John Lennon called him on the phone, everything in his life changed. He was a great drummer, and the music business will never forget what he did for it. We are very sorry for his family’s loss, and may God give his soul peace.

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