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What Happened To Archie Battersbee? Accident Video Explained

Where Did Archie Battersbee Go? Accident Video Explained: A hearing about a boy who had brain damage for almost three months upheld by the High Court of London. Archie Battersbee had an accident in April 2022, and he died by the end of May. Check stoptechy for more news.

Who is Archie Battersbee?

Archie Battersbee is 12 years old and the court has said that he is dead. In the month of April, Battersbee was in an accident that left him with brain damage. But there isn’t enough information about what happened when the boy had an accident and out for a long time.

The hospital where Archie Battersbee treated said that he dead, but his family insisted that he was still alive and should be treated. The family even sued the hospital for not treating their child. But the high court said he isn’t alive and had died a long time ago. At the end of May 2022, the hospital said that Archie Battersbee dead.

Where Did Archie Battersbee Go?

Archie Battersbee’s family lost a court case that asked doctors to train the boy regularly, even though he has brain damage for three months. On Friday, July 15, the High Court of London said they very sorry for Archie Battersbee’s family and that the boy shouldn’t treated by doctors any longer.

Mr. Justice Hayden worried about Archie Battersbee’s health and said it made him sad to hear about what happened to the boy. The High Court told the doctors not treat Battersbee after the hospital proved in court that the boy had died in May.

What does Archie Battersbee’s family have to say about it?

Family members of Battersbee said that Archie’s heart is still beating, so the court’s decision doesn’t make any sense. In May, the Royal London Hospital said the boy was dead, even though he was still breathing.Battersbee Accident Video

There hasn’t been any clear information about what happened to the boy. Archie Battersbee’s family says that the 12-year-old boy would be taking part in some kind of online challenge. The boy Archie Battersbee’s brain hurt in an accident that happened at his house in April 2022.



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