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What caused Polly Roger to die? Dead in a bus accident: CCTV clip, funeral notice, and news!

A scary video is going around the Internet, giving social media users the creeps. According to the news, a woman died in a bus accident, raising concerns about road safety. Polly Rogers was the name of the person who died. Polly Roger was a teen who fell out of the bus by accident. The whole thing was caught on video, which is making the rounds on all social media sites. Even though the event happened four years ago, people still think about it. People on the Internet are still looking for videos. For the latest news, check out our website,

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The Cause of Polly Roger’ Death

And because people were interested, many websites made clickbait, which led other people on social media to look for the video of the deadly event. Read on if you want to learn more about this. On May 1, 2018, the teenager died after she fell out of a moving bus window. Rogers fell out of the emergency window in the middle lane of the road while she was travelling. When she hit the road, she was hit hard by the cars going by.

Polly Roger Bus Accident: CCTV Footage of a Video Clip

She died where the accident took place. She was only 20 years old when she died, and she was a student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Several sources say that she put on the Charlotte party charter bus after Polly’s last day of school. One bus rider said that she was standing with her back against the window glass. Later, the bus window’s hinges broke, and she suddenly fell out of the bus.

Polly Rogers Obituary & Death Cause: Bus Accident Video Explained

Polly Roger Death Notice, Funeral, and Family

Victor Rabb, who owned the bus, said that he hadn’t heard of anything like this happening in a long time. He also said that someone could have pulled the gate off the window, or if this had happened by accident, there was evidence found when the case was being looked into. Because of this, the police said it was an accident and ended their investigation. The body also given to the family after an autopsy was done on it. May God give the person who died peacefully and give her family strength. We are very sorry for the family’s loss.

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