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WATCH: US President Joe Biden Falls Off Bike During Delaware Video Went Viral On Social Media, Twitter & YouTube!

In this article, we are going to tell you about very shocking news. This news is coming up from the United States from the president Joe Biden Falls Off Bike and it has said that he has fallen off his bike when he was going to stop to greet his supporters. This particular incident took place on June 18 so according to the information. He going on a trip to Rehoboth Beach Delaware. However, somehow this video is getting viral on the social media platform and many people are reacting to it.

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Let us know about the whole incident in brief in this article Talking about Biden. He particularly standing with the help of his supporters. He also mentioned and officially announce that he is fine and doing well then many of the media reporters came into existence into asking him that what happened to him so he explains that his foot caught up. Follow Our website stoptechy for the latest updates!!!!!

US President Joe Biden Falls Off Bike Video

According to the reports, we have got some information that his foot was caught up in the toe cages and he not able to remove it all however in an official statement. He also mentions that he is doing good and does not require any medical treatment for this. Now as we all know that he does not require any medical treatment and he also mentions that he is going to take a rest in his place with his family and he will be recovering soon from this particular incident. Biden and her wife lady Jill so this beautiful couple celebrated their 45 marriage anniversary this Friday.

What Happened To US President Joe Biden?

He is a very well-known American politician who is 46 and the current president of The United States. He is also the part and a member of the democratic party and talks about his previous serving so he the 47 Vice President from 2009 to the 2017 year. They born on 20 January in the year 2009. He born and raised in Scranton Pennsylvania United States talking about his educational qualification. He went to the University of Delaware for completing a BA and then he went to Syracuse University JD. After that, he also elected to the New Castle County council in the air 1970 and then became the 6th youngest Senator in the United State history.

US President Joe Biden: Health Condition Update

After he was working for 8 years as a vice president he had a great experience in the senate experience. In the year 1966 in August Biden decided get married to his love of life name is Neila hunter. They both used to study at the same University known as Syracuse University. After there many problems related to their wedding as he a wedding to a Roman Catholic. And that is the reason why his parents not agreeing to this marriage however then marriage took place in the Catholic Church and together they have raised three childrens.



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