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Watch trailer of Paper Girls’ on Amazon Prime Video: Fans hope ‘this makes more sense than comics’

The teaser trailer, which came out a few days ago. A taste of a time travel adventure with a touch of science fiction.

One of the most talked-about and anticipated shows, Paper Girls, got its full trailer a few hours ago on Amazon Prime Video. The show is based on Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang’s comic book series with the same name. Follow stoptechy

The plot summary for the sci-fi drama series “Paper Girls” says, “It’s the day after Halloween in 1988, and four young friends find themselves in 2019 for no reason.” Each girl finds her own strengths when she meets her grown-up self. Together, they try to save the world of the future while finding a way to go back in time. While they wait for this one to come out in July 2022, fans can watch other shows like “Dark,” “Westworld,” and so on.

Fans were amazed when they saw parts of the story about four paper delivery girls in the 1980s. Who got pulled into a time-travel adventure on Halloween night in 1988 and ended up meeting the grown-up versions of themselves and saving the world no matter what.

Paper Girls’ on Amazon Prime Video

Fans haven’t stopped talking about how much they love and enjoy the famous time-travel adventure comic book series since they first read it. “I hope this makes more sense than the comics,” someone said when the trailer came out. Someone else asked, “Are you ready for your next science fiction time travel obsession to be led by four moody pre-teen girls?”

The popular comic book #PaperGirls is going to be turned into a movie soon!!” “I kind of like how the Paper Girls series seems to be all about how bad the Old Timers are. Also, I think Adult KJ was there, which was cool.

She should have been in the comic even if she was pretty stable and had a kid. #PaperGirls, “added a fan. “Finally getting a chance to breathe. Someone said,

Paper Girls’ on Amazon Prime Video watch

“You guys aren’t ready for how great the show #PaperGirls is,” someone said. “I’ve finished the first book!” It’s great!! It’s like The Paper Brigade meets Stanger Things!!

I’m excited to see the show! I’m overjoyed! #PaperGirls,” wrote another fan. “I’m going to look into it. One fan said, “This show is going to compared to Stranger Things way too much, smh.” “Okay, yeah.

I’m sold. With the Old-Timers and other things, this version looks pretty close to the original. We don’t have any big scenes yet. But we hope that’s just because it’s a secret and not because it will spread out over several seasons. “I’m going to watch this for sure,” a fan said.



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