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Watch this video of Emmanuel Lwasa that has been shared a lot on social media!

A businessman named Emmanuel Lwasa has finally said something about the video on the internet that shows a guy dating a woman. People say thousands of people seen the video since it went viral and posted on different social media sites. After the sensual romance video went viral, people on the internet started to make assumptions about the man in it. The guy in the video having oral $ex is the business mogul Emmanuel Lwasa. Emmanuel, a businessman from Masaka City, mentioned in several social media posts. Follow our website, Stoptechy, for the latest news!!!!

Emmanuel Lwasa: a video of him

There is a new part in this popular video. In the next parts, we’ll talk about what Emmanuel Lwasa said. Let’s find out if the man in the video is, in fact, Lwasa. Would you like to hear what he thinks about the hottest videos? Scroll down. In the interview, business mogul Lwasa tried to distance himself from the tape. A source says that the $ex tape has been a big deal on Twitter and other social media sites.

Emmanuel Lwasa’s Leaked Video

The source says that the fake tape of Emmanuel Lwasa went online on Thursday. He has clarified that the $ex tape has nothing to do with him. Even though the video has only been online for a short time, it has already had many views and impressions. This is due to how popular Emmanuel Lwasa is. People interested in the movie because it posted under Emmanuel’s name.

In the video, a man has oral s*x with a woman while she records it. The host of Radio Simba called Emmanuel on the job to talk about what was happening. Then he gave his last thoughts on the movie. Emmanuel Lwasa says that he has no idea what was in the video. He said that people who spread false rumors about me and try to hurt my reputation should keep doing what they are doing if it helps them get money. Watch the video below to hear what Emmanuel Lwasa had to say about it. He vehemently denies all of the claims.



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