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Watch: Shaan Pritmani Assault Video, Indian American Teen Bullied By Classmate, Has Gone Viral On Social Media!

A truly brutal video is now capturing the attention of internet users. It is a 54-second video that shows Shaan Pritmani, an Indian American kid, being choked by his classmate. People are responding to this video by harshly criticizing the acts of the American citizen.

He was threatening the students in his home class. He was also using bad comments about the Indian student. Bullying is quite common in American high schools, and some kids suffer from depression. Follow our website for the most recent information!!!!!

Shaan Pritmani: Who Is He?

We can see in the film that the American student was using bad words and being physical with the Indian student. And he began fighting with him and choking him. Recently, several abusive recordings of Indian students from Ukraine’s borders went viral. Showing troops acting inappropriately and abusing the Indian students.

The school administrator has taken the situation into his own hands, strongly criticizing the behavior and threatening disciplinary punishment against the accused.

Assault on Shaan Pritmani Video

We have no information on the identity of the bully. Indian kid is presently 15 years old. A center scholar who attends school every day, and he is the oppressed in this case.

He physically assaulted in middle school, and the suspects should face serious punishment. Although the video is no longer accessible on Twitter. Users criticize the white boy’s behavior it has gained millions of views. The bully has long hair and attempts to assert his dominance over the innocent boy.

A student of Indian descent was mocked at a Texas school; Authorities will  punish the victim more severely - knownews

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Coppell ISD Bullying Video by Shaan Pritmani

He is attempting to demonstrate his superiority in front of his peers. And the adolescent sentenced to one day of suspension, which might worse. It is an insufficient penalty for such a terrible violation, and the pupil must be barred from attending school.

We don’t have much information about the parents’ names or the Indian student’s residence. In this scenario, the instructors are likewise mute, and no one attempts to defend or remark on anything.



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