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Watch: Sergio Perez’s leaked photos and videos went viral, he signed a new Red Bull contract

People want to find out more about a new video going viral on social media. According to the most recent information, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez’s leaked photos may have leaked the news of the new contract. He might have said by accident that he had signed a new contract with Red Bull. After Sergio won the chaotic Monaco Grand Prix, which started the fight for the title, this news came out. When his fans heard this news, they were very happy and told him so on social media. At the same time, they wanted to know everything about him. Follow our website stoptechy for the latest news!!!!!

Sergio Perez gave out photos and videos.

Sergio is thought to be one of the best Mexican drivers in racing history. He sees team principal Christian Horne hugging him in the viral video. Perez said, “I might have been signed too soon.” In response to this, the team leader was heard laughing out loud. According to reports, the Mexican driver joined the team last year, and Perez’s current contract will end this season. When his video went viral on social media, reporters asked him what he said at the press conference. He said, “I meant about the full bottle of champagne. We’re going to find out.”

The Mexican driver was sitting next to his teammate after winning the third race. Max Verstappen joked, “I think whatever you did today might help us…

Sergio Perez’s leaked photos

just a little bit.” People who saw the video on the Internet think he confirmed his new deal with Red Bull, which is not true. Fans can’t wait to see him back with the team. Even though Sergio tried to hide what he said, his fans will understand what he said and be glad to see him back on the racing track.

According to the information, Red Bull now has a strong position in the race for the Constructors’ Championship. Which Mercedes have won for the last eight seasons in a row. Perez has set a standard for other racers to follow, and his fans can’t wait to see him win more races. Some Mexicans not happy with Red Bull’s decision, and they asked a lot of questions about his role on the team. However, it turns out that he has pulled the wagon for Red Bull one more time.

After winning in Monte Carlo, word got out that he had signed a new deal. As we already said, Perez seen taking the picture while hugging Christian Horner and talking about signing the new contract, but he didn’t get Horner’s name. In response to this, Christian laughed and said, “Which brings up a new deal.” If the news is true, then we want to congratulate him.



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