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Watch Rep. Lee Zeldin viral video attacked at a New York event is going viral.

A video of Rep. Lee Zeldin viral video attacked at an event in New York goes viral. Today, we have news about Lee Zeldin, who is a representative for the Republican National Committee. He has in the news lately because on Friday, while he was out campaigning, he was attacked by a person who believes the earth is flat. It had only a day since he had gotten away from an Army veteran’s attack. But the whole thing sounds pretty funny when you hear what he says next. He accused NASA of lying to us and said that they were using CGI animation and no one knew about it. Check out STOPTECHY for more news.

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Rep. Lee Zeldin’s Viral Video

In a recent turn of events, a man named Lee Zeldin made a bold claim that the Earth is flat and that the blue ball that everyone thought the Earth was just a picture made by a computer. A man who said he was a veteran of the US Army or US Navy confronted Lee at a press conference in Wartown, in the North Country.

Lee Zeldin’s Viral Video

“So, speaking for myself, I totally disagree. I think that the earth is a circle. I’ve been all over the world. I’ve seen it from the sky on a flight to another country: the Earth is round. I mean, there is no way to argue with it.

For the first time, the Earth is flat for a theory.

Copernicus the first to assert that the earth is flat. though it was broken because science and technology kept getting better. In this time of advanced technology and science, the congressman from the North Island brought up that idea.

Rep. Lee Zeldin viral video

Lee Zeldin used a knife to hurt someone.

Before what happened in Watertown, he had attacked by a man with a knife for half a day. All of this happened at a Rochester event. After Lee attacked him without a weapon, the man with the knife went up to him and said he done. But the attacker stopped, arrested, and quickly released, which made people angry.

Lee was running against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, but Hochul condemned the attack when she heard about it in November. But this time, the attack was not as bad as the last one. Even though there is a lot of evidence that our planet is round, the congressman’s statement started a debate that has been growing very quickly in the modern world.

A lot of famous people have been spreading the false information that the earth is flat. The fact that the Earth is a sphere has proven and is generally accepted. However, if someone disagrees with this point of view, he or she should be able to prove his or her point using scientific and logical theories and facts. Since we live in a modern, scientific world, nothing should rejected until it is proven wrong.



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