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Watch Nana Patole video that is going viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

Nana Patole video, who is the state president of the Congress, is said to in a video that is getting more and more popular online. In this video, the woman is sitting across from the man on his shoulder.

Nana Patole Full HD Viral Video

In a video that BJP politician Chitra Wagh posted on Twitter, Nana Patole. A former minister and state head of the Congress, allegedly seen in an uncomfortable position with a woman. But the BJP has a plan to hurt each of us in particular. To make things clear, Nana Patole has said that we will do something to stop this.

Nana Patole Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

The state president of the Maharashtra Congress, Nana Patole, is said that is going viral online. Nana Patole said to the person in the background. This video. Which is said to be from the Polo Orchid Hotel in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, shows someone groping a woman in a hotel. Chitra Wagh, a BJP politician, said about this video, “Kay Nana,” in a tweet. You are a bush hill as well as a hatilat.

This well-known movie’s soundtrack is “Kay Zadi, Kay Dongar, Kay Hatil,” which is a well-known quote by Shahaji Bapu Patil. Check out the video too: How did Chitra Vagh say what she had to say?

When I first watched the video after getting it, I shocked. When I looked it up again, I saw that it was the state president of the Maharashtra Congress. Even though the video widely shared online, it was not of an ordinary person.

Nana Patole video

Chitra Wagh, who spoke at the press conference, said that she hasn’t heard back from Nana even though I tweeted the video and asked him about what happened.

The Nana Patole video went viral and seen on a number of social networking sites. People most often search for Nana Patole Original when they want information about a video.

There are a lot of viral videos on the internet, some of which are rumours and some of which are true. The, Nana Patole Original, gotten a lot of attention and very popular on social media sites.



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