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Watch Michael Clarke video girlfriend gives him a SLAP in the public park

It is possible that Michael Clarke would not allowed to broadcast. The next Test series between India and Australia because of the public incident that he had with his girlfriend Jade. Michael Clarke received a PUNCH from his girlfriend at the park. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Michael Clark is smacked in the face on a regular basis by his girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough. In a tone that conveys her agitation. She shrieks, “You f***ing keep lying to me!” and adds a variety of additional cuss words. A video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slapping him in public has gone viral.

Watch as Michael Clarke’s girlfriend gives him a SLAP in the public park.

According to reports, cricketer Michael Clarke confronted by his current girlfriend Jade Yarbrough at a park in Queensland. After she discovered him cheating on her with another woman. Clarke is a former World Cup-winning captain. In a video has gone viral online, Jade can heard ranting at Clarke and accusing him of having s#x with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards in the month of December 2022. Jade’s words can heard in the video. Throughout the whole of the video.

Clarke encourages Jade to physically punish him if she has suspicions that he has cheated on her, while at the same time making intermittent efforts to calm her down. There is a possibility that Jade may shown hitting him twice at some time. The whole confrontation took place in a public park, and witnesses recorded it on video as it evolved from a verbal disagreement to a physical altercation. The witnesses caught the conflict as it proceeded from a verbal argument to a physical altercation.

All info about video

You want to bring her along with you to India, right? Clarke can heard yelled at by Yarbrough on the video clip. “I’ve been keeping track of the messages. Pip, you are the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. So please come to India with me. The iconic film is a little fuzzy. But you can make out every detail of the battle thanks to the audio.

Jade Yarbrough, Michael Clark’s girlfriend, can seen repeatedly slapping him in the face in a video. It is gaining a lot of attention on social media. She yells, “You f***ing keep lying to me!” and hurls more profanity at him in pain as she is clearly upset with him.

Michael Clarke’s girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, smacked him and accused him of having an affair with another woman.



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