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Watch: Kim Kardashian new n**ed videos and photos are going viral on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube!

Blatt, who is now 52 years old, said that a childhood friend who worked at A**lt Entertainment News. A few years ago told him that the album was out. Managers for Kim Kardashian or Ray J have also not responded to the order to comment. Even though both stars have already said they won’t help get the documentary out there. In another conversation with Stoptechy, Kevin Blatt. Who is known to be Hollywood’s biggest fixer of s**ual tapes, said that he was told he could buy this video of Ray J in 2006. And that he was “excited” to make a deal. Stay tuned to our website, stoptechy, for the latest news!!!!

Kim Kardashian’s Video Has Leaked!

Ray J, who Blatt says is “quite funny” and smart, then tells Blau and colleague about a s*x act he did on a woman. That neither Blatt nor my colleague had ever heard of. Blatt said, “A short woman got out of a Ferrari and began to walk into the restaurant. Blatt didn’t know who Ray J was, but he made plans to meet the MC. Who is now the brother of R & B singer Brandy Melville. For lunch at a Cheesecake Outlet nearby to learn more about video topics.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s Tape

Two years ago, Blatt made a name for himself in the seedy world of superstar s*x video brokerage. When he worked with Rick Salomon to get Paris Hilton’s video, One Love in Paris, released. The woman in question was actually Kim Kardashian. Who at the time an unknown design editor and was good friends with American Idol star Paris Hilton. Ray J also told Blatt that Kim was going to give away the p**n video for free a few weeks before the party. According to Blatt, Ray J had to talk Kim out of this idea. Ray J said that Kim’s video shot in 2002 while he was on vacation with her in Cabo, Spain, to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

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Who is Kim Kardashian? Boyfriend’s Name

A 41-minute DVD called Kim Kardashian: Star came out a few weeks later in March 2007. “Blatt’s idea made it sound great,” Ray J is said to have said, adding that they needed to talk to Kim first. Blatt is said to have said, “I’ll give you a great deal, and I’ll also bring in someone who will pay you a million dollars right now.” Blatt added, “I’m ready to make a deal with him while giving him more gold than he’s ever seen.” “But he moved right in front of us, which is awesome.” Blatt said that he never heard from Ray J again, and the tape was eventually given to Vivid Pictures, a company that sells sen**l movies, by a third party.



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