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Watch joao felix’s girlfriend video viral on twitter and instagram

Margherida Corceiro, a well-known model, is dating Joao Felix, a striker for Atlético de Madrid. They have been together for many years. Everything was fine until an Internet video from a nightclub went viral. Even on the Internet, it spreads like wildfire, showing up in the feeds of almost every major social media site. You can see the famous model kissing another famous athlete, Portugal’s Pedro Polo. Find out more about the joao felix’s girlfriend video that went viral on Twitter. Visit our website, stoptechy.com, to find out what’s going on!

If we look at the current situation more closely, we can see that the video shows the modern player and Pedro, a Portuguese player, getting into a fierce lip-lock. Some Portuguese news sources had put the video on the Internet at the time. Some Internet users say they know who they are even though their faces are blurry in the video. A big part of the story is also that they both took taxis. The driver who took people from the nightclub to the nightclub talked about Margarida, also known as Polo.

joao felix’s girlfriend video

The third point is that she hurt her partner by lying to him. After a home game, the incident happened at Estádio José Alvalade. Pedro went up to the girl when he got to the club later. He gave her a shirt and then hugged and kissed her. The whole thing was recorded because everyone in the area knows Corceiro and knows she is a Sporting Lisbon fan. The model was the first person hurt by the scandal. But at first, she said nothing was true. In her statement, she said that what happened had shocked her and that she would need some time to get over it.

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joao felix’s girlfriend video

On the other hand, Pedro Polo used his social media account to say that what happened the night before made him unhappy. He said he had a special connection with the mode, but no one believed him. The statement says that he can do whatever he wants and that nothing will hurt his reputation. On social media, he asked people not to hurt his reputation.

Her birthday is October 26, 2002, making her 20 years old. She was born in the Portuguese city of Santarem. Joao is both a well-known actress and model.



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