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WATCH: Hundreds Of Teens Twerking And Partying On Chicago Streets At Night, Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Instagram!

According to a recent report, the very interesting news is coming up from the Partying On Chicago Streets. Where a party took place on there were over 400 people in this party and most of the age group was between 14 and 21 years old. And the entire community arranged in North Avenue beach at night and after the party it took a different turn and turned it into a wild party. In the picture from the night, there was a huge number of youngsters dancing on the street. And devar also taking over the cars. After this entire party, which was on On the north beach. Police had to come and stop the entire group crew. So they started deploying snow blowers in the area as a safeguard, and a video shot from the blocks. For the most up-to-date information, visit

On Chicago Streets, Hundreds Of Teens Twerk & Party

A video of people parting on the streets and bouncing on the city bus also uploaded. And they shared this footage on Twitter. Following the release of the video on Twitter. The Chicago CEO also said people were so excited that they were jumping on buses and cars, causing massive chaos. The group targeted, and many small people have arrested. The question arises why there were so few charges if the lack of staff caused the aggression and disruptions to handle the situation.

Hundreds of teenagers twerking and partying on Chicago streets at night

On May 11, however, the same situation observed when a lot of trouble created on the North Avenue beach. And they invited social media people. They were causing problems for other people, and they were a drinking and twerking competition. With such a cameraman recording everything. The aim of this party was to encourage the drinking and twerking competition.

The police had already received advance morning for the party. And it seen that many people were promoting the social media party, it seen that there were almost 400 people gathered at this party in Chicago and the event was going on and then all the games were all on loop when the police already had received advance morning for the party and it seen that many people were promoting the social media party. However, after watching the clip, it seen that there were a large number of people gathered at this beach and there were almost hundred of people walking.



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