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Watch Gabriel Monteiro video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Rio de Janeiro cops are looking into an embarrassing video showing criminal investigator Gabriel Monteiro, 26, having s##x with a 14-year-old girl. When the two realised that the photographs had possibly been sent. They went straight to the 41st Police Headquarters to make a report. If the grievance had been heard, Gabriel would have pretended to be a teacher in order to meet with the sheriff’s representative in the National Legislature of the State of South America (Alert). Follow Stoptechy


Gabriel resigned as Prime Minister for the entire year in accordance with the Janeiro Planning Commission’s suggestion for time off. He could have made it a dreadful occurrence, allowing him to contest the verdict in court. According to their media comments, the large throng permitted intimate contact and, most likely, the shooting. Gabriel apparently told the lovely young lady that he had been waiting for the right moment to consent.


Ibis realised Gabriel was testing a couple of the commandant’s exercises while ministering to the warrior in order to create material for his organisation. Despite his genuine annoyance, he attempted to end the quarrel and avoided confronting the young person. Furthermore, the duo stated and guaranteed that Gabriel Monteiro’s communication with the innocent lady, which began around 150 days ago, was known to the family. The victim’s mother also agreed with the revelation. Watch video click here


The young woman’s personality has not been revealed for obvious reasons. We believe she will distribute equity. Brazil’s police must deal with an increasing number of similar scenarios. It’s a heinous and dishonourable performance. The cops are presently handling a variety of missions. An incident occurred during a business convention in the Gamboa region.



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