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WATCH: A Spanish man dies after leaping from a 100-foot cliff in a stunt death video viral on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Reddit!

In Spanish man dies, a man died after jumping off a cliff. The guy was on a family vacation, but his wife was the one who was shooting the video. The man’s heroic deed ended in his death. This guy was having a wonderful vacation, and no one realized it would end in death for him and his family. A man died in front of his wife and child without being saved. His wife took the footage from a distance from the guy who was diving off. The guy attempted to show his skills as a rock hit him. The incident happened in the Malgrats Islands, and the man was just about to jump 100 feet. His wife and kid were recording the footage from a distance on a boat. For the latest information, visit

After performing a stunt by jumping from a 100-foot cliff, a Spanish man died.

The video showed a Dutch tourist trying to jump into the sea, but his leap landed, resulting in him being hit by a rock. When his wife realized he had hit him, she shouted, captured on tape. I heard the frightened cries of the guy who had a great landing. Because they did not discover the body right after the incident, the wife would have to call for help.

A Spanish man dies after jumping from a 100-foot cliff in a stunt death video.

And divers found his body in the water after a long search. The New York Times reported on the event and also posted it on Twitter. The video went viral and can then seen on different Twitter pages. According to local reports, the search team came, and the incident reported. The man’s identity is still to be published in the mainstream media.

It sad and unexpected. The guy was performing a stunt, and no one on the boat expected the effectiveness to end in such a horrible and stunning death. The sad fact was that the man’s death witnessed by his kid, which could give him nightmares for years, though not his whole life.seeking the help of professionals is better than displaying your skills, which could be dangerous.



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