Viral Video On Inetrnet

Anjali Arora was dancing while wearing a little dress. Then, all of a sudden, her dress blows up into the air, leaving her powerless.

Anjali Arora’s movie is currently going viral on the internet. She was then picked out by other users and is now the target of cruel trolling.

Anjali Arora shines in a lovely pink dress. However, she was cruelly trolled for the same thing.

The actress is usually seen and loved for her cute pictures and her easygoing attitude. The fans did not like her bold outfit.

The star was trending on all social media sites, and fans had a range of reactions to her. Many people liked the way she looked.

But some people started to connect her style to that of Urfi Javed, who is known for her bold and weird fashion choices.

A user posted on the popular video of Tejasswi in the dress by asking, “Why is she now dressing like Urfi.