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Viral video: During a war, an iPhone 11 Pro saves the life of a Ukrainian soldier and stops a bullet.

Most people know Apple iPhones are high-end devices with the good build quality and a safe mobile experience. But these things have become part of our everyday lives, so we don’t usually give iPhones the credit they deserve. Take this video that has recently gone viral as an example. A viral video of an iPhone 11 Pro saving a Ukrainian soldier from a bullet gives us another chance to appreciate the now-old device. Who needs a bulletproof jacket when an iPhone can do the same thing, right?

The Reddit video shows what said to be a Ukrainian soldier taking his iPhone 11 Pro out of his backpack. The bullet still stuck inside the broken iPhone, which clear in the video. The device was strong enough that the bullet couldn’t get through and hurt the soldier. The bullet might have killed him if the phone hadn’t been there. An iPhone 11 Pro saves the life of a Ukrainian soldier. Check¬†stoptechy¬†for more news.

The video gotten over 3,000 upvotes on Reddit since it posted. Many comments, jokes, and ideas are starting to come in. One user joked, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Another asked. Why not make a bulletproof vest out of the same material that goes into a smartphone?. It will be much lighter!” but we like the last one best. “Shot on iPhone, or rather, shot in iPhone,” said one user. An iPhone 11 Pro saves the life of a Ukrainian soldier.

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Even though the event sounds like a miracle and, to some extent, too good to be true. We sincerely hope that the soldier is safe and sound and that the world will be a better and more peaceful place to live. Long live the people who made the iPhone 11 Pro. Which may have saved the soldier’s life when his life was in danger.



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