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VIDEO: Who Is LUL TYS? Death After Sacramento Shooting, Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Instagram, Cause Of Death, Funeral!

The death of well-known rapper Lul Tys makes the rounds on social media, but no one knows if the news is true. People say that the rapper has died because of the shooting in Sacramento. Later, the rapper from California’s death made public, confirming that the star had died. The rapper shot and killed in his apartment, and social media went crazy with the news. After shot, multiple posts on social media confirmed that the rapper died on May 24, 2022.

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Even though people share the news on social media, the real stories are still out. His family and the police haven’t said that he’s dead yet. More information about what happened with the rapper has not yet made public. People from California and other states knew who the rapper was. But he had a lot of fans who sent condolences to his family when they heard about his death on social media. Follow our website stoptechy.com for the latest news!!!

Why Lul Tys Died?

Fans from different social media sites shared the story on their pages. Here are some of the most important lists of his songs: There are many more albums by the rapper than Straight Bars, 20, Dead Oppsk, IJWK, Main Topic, Afterlife, No Pass, Colder, Triple Letter, Ride 4 Me, No Fumble, RIDE, Double Back, With This Glizzy, Momma, Internet Thugs, etc. His fans and people who like him like his songs. After the news spread worldwide, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts, condolences, and prayers. MILKO, one of the people on Twitter, said, “I lost my brother Lul Tys in some shit.” I’ll see you in the next world, brother.

Who took Lul Tys’s life?

So, the user shared a picture of himself with a rapper. Another user named TheHoodedKid shared the post and said, “He just posted a few minutes ago about how he got out of the sac. There was a shooting at his apartment, and he shot.” Lul Tys has died. Drizzle on the roof wrote “RIP Lul Tys” on a sign. They also said they were about to shoot a new cipher when the news broke with the rapper.

Lul Tys: Funeral & Obituary

They said that the cipher would named after him. Many other users have also posted about his death and sent condolences to his family, but there hasn’t been an official report yet. He might have shot, and the police might not have said anything because it was controversial. There are a lot of problems in California, and the police might worried that it will make people crazy. Soon, we’ll get real news about what’s going on.

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