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Video: The Isekai anime, The Man Who Saved Me on My Isekai Trip Was A Killer, Spoiler Alert!

We all know that Isekai anime has become popular everywhere. And the number of people who like it keeps going up. Fans like to watch the newest anime because it can grab their attention with interesting stories. We are always interested in learning more about the anime series, so it stays in the news. Fans are getting excited about a new teaser, and the movie’s title is also interesting. It will get the attention of the people who see it. After the NSFW Trailer got much attention on social media, fans joked that MAPPA is now animating Hentai. MAPPA is one of the biggest and best-known animation studios in the anime business. Follow our website stoptechy.com to find out what’s new!!!!

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On my trip to Isekai, a killer saved me.

With the 4th season and first half of the first half of Jujutsu Kaisen. It led to creating two of the most popular TV shows of 2021. Once again, MAPPA is making its way worldwide on social media for a funny and unexpected reason. Fans say they are the ones who made a new Hentai title that went viral on social media and got a lot of comments. On May 28, 2022, a new teaser trailer for an upcoming anime online. It showed several violent and NSFW scenes from Hentai.

Trailer & Spoiler for Isekai

Because there is NSFW content in the teaser. It quickly gained much attention on social media, with more than 310k views, 24,000 likes, and 8000 retweets. People talked about the name of the anime after seeing this trailer. Some said that it named. “The Man Who Saved Me on My Isekai Anime Trip Is a Killer,” and other titles that say the same thing. “I went to another world with the help of a boy who killed people.” This is a popular topic on the internet, and people are talking about it. Everyone has something to say about Hentai and the animation in this series.

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People watched the video because it was interesting. The quality of the trailer is pretty good, and a lot of fans joke that the Hentai was made by MAPPA studio. But MAPPA made it clear that it is not making this show and has never been called “Hentai.” One user says that fans are making fun of it. “Why is the quality of the hentai getting better? This makes me wonder if it will still be made by MAPPA.” “The Studio MAPPA makes hentai that is even better than your favorite anime,” said another user.



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