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VIDEO: Jason Momoa Testimony Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & Youtube!

Ever since Amber Heard made allegations about Johnny Deep both the stars are frequently trending all over the web. Many memes and videos have constructed on both of them and people are enjoying them. But some are expressing their concern about them. Now the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Has started but some users are making a false video on it. As per the latest trend, a fake video of testimony is currently circulating on the web and people are giving their reactions to it. By now you must have understood which video, we are talking about. While scrolling the social media feed you all must have seen the video in which the actor is viewing giving Jason Momoa testimony in the court. Follow Our website stoptechy.com for the latest updates!!!!!

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Who Is Jason Momoa?

This video is presently trending and receiving thousands of views and comments on it. The spoof so well edited that it looks like he giving the testimony. The video edited to the extent that cyber citizens were almost convinced. That the actor comes up in the courtroom and gave his testimony. Unlike in the United Kingdom, the video cameras are permitted inside the courtroom. In the United States which means the video has allowed to shoot the court hearing and due to this the fake video. As direct to social media being inundated with many caricatures videos of the case presenting in the court over the past few weeks.

Jason Momoa Spoof video

The actor Jason Momoa video is one of those videos. We all know that actor Jason had worked with Amber in the film titled “Aquaman”. The video was released in the year 2018. Apart from this, the 42-years-old actor also worked with the actress. In the forthcoming sequel of Aquaman and the other film the Lost Kingdom. Now it is clear that the actor has not called into the court for testimony as a witness in the trial case of both the actors.

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Jason Momoa Video

Jason Momoa Testimony Video

Though, a user of social media shared their explanation on this video and also cleared that if the actor really appeared on the court how it will look like. As per the reports, the fak video created by GeoMFilsm which is a Youtuber. Ever since the video uploaded on the net it has garnered over a million views and comments on it and is widely shared on social media platforms. Pirates of Carbiann is suing his former wife for around $50 million. Now the case is in the court and the trial is going on.



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